FC Twente kicks-off DEAR project to support refugees

5 July 2021

FC Twente kicks-off DEAR project to support refugees


The pitch of FC Twente’s beloved De Grolsch Veste stadium was the site of the club’s DEAR project launch. The project aims to support and facilitate the inclusion of refugees in Netherlands’ eastern region of Twente.

The event was attended by representatives of project partners from the University of Twente, Belink Academy and the local Municipality of Enschede.

The pilot project supports talented newcomers in the region and in the city of Enschede in particular, where FC Twente are headquartered. According to the project structure, talents with a refugee background are trained for six months before they can deliver their learnings to people with a similar background. Some of these learnings include social responsibility and financial knowledge.

Credit: FC Twente

The main vision of the project is to facilitate inclusion and provide a platform for migrants to better integrate into Dutch society. Previously, FC Twente’s foundation implemented the ‘Tukkers aan Zet’ campaign where a similar sense of approach was used to help integrate 60 Turkish families in the Twente region.

The DEAR project is a by-product of the previous campaign’s success and aims to model itself on it.

EFDN wishes the club all the very best in the execution of the project.