Vicky Conde Sancho Unveils Successes of “Welcome Through Football” Project at EFDN Conference

23 November 2023

Vicky Conde Sancho Unveils Successes of “Welcome Through Football” Project at EFDN Conference

At the heart of the 20th EFDN ‘Making Football Matter’ Conference in Athens was an illuminating breakout session led by Vicky Conde Sancho, who presented the significant strides made in the “Welcome Through Football” project. The session, held on the 14th of November, provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s accomplishments and key happenings as it nears its conclusion at the end of 2023.

Focused on providing opportunities for young refugees and asylum seekers, the “Welcome Through Football” project has been a beacon of empowerment and integration. Vicky Conde Sancho, in her presentation, highlighted the transformative impact the project has had on the lives of its participants.

As the Project Manager, Conde Sancho shared some of the project’s key milestones, illustrating how football has served as a vehicle for positive change. The initiative has not only facilitated skill development but has also fostered a sense of belonging and community among young refugees and asylum seekers.

During the breakout session, Conde Sancho discussed the various programs and activities implemented throughout the project’s duration. From skill-building workshops to community engagement initiatives, the “Welcome Through Football” project has consistently strived to create a supportive environment for its participants.

One of the project’s central themes has been the concept of providing opportunities. Conde Sancho emphasized how football has been a catalyst for offering avenues of growth, education, and social integration for the young individuals involved. The project’s success stories were shared as testimonials, showcasing the tangible impact it has had on the lives of those seeking refuge.

With the project set to conclude at the end of 2023, Vicky Conde Sancho’s presentation served as both a reflection on past achievements and an inspiration for future endeavors. The breakout session concluded with a sense of optimism, highlighting the positive role football can play in fostering resilience and empowerment among young refugees and asylum seekers.

As the conference continued, the “Welcome Through Football” project stood as a shining example of how football can transcend its role as a sport and become a powerful force for positive social change, leaving an indelible mark on the collective commitment to making football matter.